What happens if I need help with decisions?
We will be there every step of the way during your project.

How do I know that Construction Giant will do a great job?
We will give a list of references in the community and what kind of services were done that will be attached to your estimate.

We have always dreamed of building a new home. How do we get started?
We are involved in the building process well before any construction begins. From selecting plans to helping procure permits, we can help you from conception to completion. We have worked with many different lenders and can offer advice and refer you to local home construction loan experts. If you are still looking for the perfect piece of property, we have a list of realtors we can refer. Our experience and knowledge will expedite your entire construction project.

Can you work with plans other than standard home plans?
Absolutely! We can customize any plan, be it yours or one of ours. As a matter of fact, we have yet to build a house without at least a few minor changes to the plans. We’ll help you design the perfect floor plan that fits with your lifestyle, budget, and architectural design needs. Our standard home floor plans are very versatile, and many changes can easily be made. Door and window locations, as well as interior walls are quite easily moved. Room sizes can also be changed. We want the home to be exactly what you want and need. Do not hesitate to make it your custom home.

If I have trouble making choices will you help?
Yes. Every remodeling project requires making choices from the largest design considerations to the smallest details. It can feel overwhelming. As a way to help you through the process Construction Giant will develop a project plan that plots all your decision points and assigns dates to those junctures. We have team members that can assist you in your decision making from architectural questions right through to consulting on furniture, fabrics and accessories.

Once we begin the project, will someone be here at my house every day?
Yes. A project manager will be assigned to your project. It is their job to be familiar with every aspect of your home renovation and to oversee the work every day. Your project is their top priority and they are available to answer questions and address any concerns. Of course, additional building professionals will also be coming and going over the span of the project and they will report directly to your project manager.

How am I going to be able to live in the space when you are working on it?
We know that home renovation can be very disruptive. That's why we work very hard to minimize the hassle of living through construction by setting up customized systems to shield your home, yard, children and personal items from dust and debris. In fact, during many renovations, we will even construct a temporary kitchen or relocate plumbing to allow your life to go on as uninterrupted as possible. 

Can you give me some examples of what new construction is, or is not?
New construction: building a new structure for using as a living space, complete renovation of an older structure or portion thereof to make it the substantial equivalent of a new building; conversion of a single-family residence to a residence of two or more units; conversion of a portion of a warehouse to office space; conversion of an existing room to a bathroom; a residence converted to a retail store by physically altering walls, installing counters, etc.; conversion of a garage into a living area;
Not considered new construction: maintenance and repairs; replacement of existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets; replacement of air conditioner unit; replacement of roof.

How can I find out what my property taxes will be after the completion of my kitchen remodel and family room addition?
The local tax roll is available to the public at your county assessor's office. The roll contains the parcel number and/or location designation; name and mailing address of the assessee; the assessed values of land, improvements, personal property and possessory interests; penalties imposed; homeowners' exemption, if applied; local revenue district; and the total taxable value of all property assessed.
If construction is in progress on the January 1 lien date, its value as of the lien date will appear on your regular tax bill for the ensuing fiscal year. Approximately one to six months after completion of your construction, you will be issued a supplemental assessment.

Does rehabilitation work on my home count as new construction?
Because rehabilitation work is more structural in nature, it usually is assessable. Reassessable rehabilitation work may involve substantial changes to the plumbing system, electrical system, framing or foundation, and can extend the usable life of a building. The county assessor is responsible for determining, on a case-by-case basis, whether such work involves substantial changes constituting a reassessable event.

What are some other alterations that may be considered new construction?
Additions to existing improvements;
Converting an unfinished basement or attic into a living area;
Adding a garage, sunroom, enclosed patio, or elevator;
Adding a swimming pool, spa, or sauna; or a patio or deck;
Increasing the square footage of a home;
Demolition of an existing structure;
Bathroom – the addition of one, or structural changes, upgrading of plumbing and/or electrical systems, changing the floor plan, increasing the size, replacing cabinets, countertops, flooring or fixtures with upgraded material and finishes;
Kitchen – structural changes, upgrading of plumbing and/or electrical systems, changing the floor plan, increasing the size, replacing cabinets, countertops, flooring or built-in appliances with upgraded material and finishes;
Taking an entire house or a portion of the house down to studs;
A change in use (for example, converting from industrial to residential use or converting storage space to habitable space);
Upgrading the capacity of plumbing or electrical systems (for example, increasing electrical capacity from 110 volts to 220 volts).

I plan to remodel my kitchen and bathrooms. Will this cause my home to be reassessed?
Remodeling work is not generally assessable unless it adds new square footage to an improvement. The remodeling may be considered "repair and maintenance" and primarily cosmetic. This can include new carpeting, countertops, cabinets or windows, in which case no reassessment is warranted. While remodeling work usually improves a building's appearance, it does not change the effective age of the building.
If the kitchen and bathroom become substantially equivalent to new after the remodeling, however, the new construction may be reassessed. Generally speaking, the county assessor examines each property on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the work constitutes new construction or not.

Do we sign a contract?
Yes, all contracts will have detail of project, start and completion dates, payment plan and a signed copy for the contractor and the customer.

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