New Construction

We build two types of houses. One, houses are specially designed for the customer. And another one with using completely standardized building projects. In both case we adhere to the set of uniform building codes that apply across the country. Custom homes require more spending but the techniques used to build standardized homes produce reliable housing quickly at a relatively low cost. The following are the main stages of building a house. The following are the 20 main stages of building a house.

          1. Grading and site preparation
          2. Foundation construction
          3. Framing
          4. Installation of windows and doors
          5. Roofing
          6. Siding
          7. Rough electrical
          8. Rough plumbing
          9. Rough HVAC
          10. Insulation
          11. Drywall
          12. Underlayment
          13. Trim
          14. Painting
          15. Finalize electrical
          16. Bathroom and kitchen counters and cabinets
          17. Finalize plumbing
          18. Carpet and flooring
          19. HVAC
          20. Welcome new householders